By: Skye Rytenskild

Tasmania: A Cradle for Inspired Textiles
20 April 2016

What artist isn’t inspired by the ethereal beauty and spirituality of Tasmania? From the moment Mainlanders alight from the plane, the…

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It's all white: 5 tips for the boudoir
29 March 2016

White is to bedroom soft furnishings and design what black is to fashion. Like the serene sense of security evoked by…

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Sisters in skin: the duo behind Art Hide's gorgeous leather furnishings
24 March 2016

A piece of furniture with a story brings a room to life beyond the aesthetic. Perhaps it induces a moment of…

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From the Heart – Margot Bawden's Ethical Approach to Design
17 March 2016

Sometimes – with a little bit of luck and a lot of hard work – dream careers become reality. Margot Bawden…

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Surreal whimsy: the sculptures of Pimpisa Tinpalit
9 March 2016

Sculpture is an art form that can give wings to the imagination and transport it into multiple dimensions. The raw physicality…

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Richard Rogers | Breaking the boundaries of design
3 March 2016

Richard Rogers is undoubtedly one of the world’s best known architects. Born in Italy but educated in England, he is still…

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The Art of Living: Fusing paintings & furniture
1 March 2016

It is one of the great chicken and egg questions of interior design. Should art inspire a room’s furnishings or should…

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The Notorious B.I.G – The Danish architect dominating design
15 February 2016

Quiz any architecture or design student on their key inspirations and Bjarke Ingels is quite likely to pop up near the…

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Expose yourself: Stripping back interior design
10 February 2016

For a while now, interior designers have been on a quest to discover what lies beneath. From the tech lofts of…

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Karim Rashid: From Analog to Digital
4 February 2016

Karim Rashid is an industrial design superstar, although he dresses more like a rap superstar than one that reshapes the kitchens…

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