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The 3 Colours Defining 2022
29 May 2022

Masterful use of colour doesn’t just happen. It’s a science. Experts spend years honing their skills to create palettes which can…

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New Design Frontiers in the Metaverse
3 March 2022

New frontiers are opening up for designers across the world – and in the virtual world. The next iteration of the…

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Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year is Fearless
1 February 2022

Prince (a.k.a The Artist Formerly Known As) would love Pantone’s new colour of the year. The international trends powerhouse has poured…

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The Kitchen Trends of 2018 — We fell in love with!
1 June 2018

The kitchen is probably the only room in our home that changes constantly – it actually evolves on a daily basis…

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Asian Home Design Inspirations
16 November 2016

The New Year is just a few weeks away—just enough time for you to welcome it with a new look for…

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The Rise of Industrial Design in Modern Living
30 September 2016

Think of a warehouse. Think of worn-out wood flooring, brick walls, and metal bars exposed from the ceiling. Now, think of…

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A Black Hole: Moody Bathroom Design Trends
19 July 2016

Gone are the days of sparkling white tiles, an abundance of natural light and cream-coloured towels in the bathroom. Enter: the…

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It's all white: 5 tips for the boudoir
29 March 2016

White is to bedroom soft furnishings and design what black is to fashion. Like the serene sense of security evoked by…

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Karim Rashid: From Analog to Digital
4 February 2016

Karim Rashid is an industrial design superstar, although he dresses more like a rap superstar than one that reshapes the kitchens…

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A Moveable Space: Top 5 Office Design Trends 2016
12 January 2016

For decades the average office worker was expected to witter away their obligatory 9 to 5 in pens as confining as…

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