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5 Macro Interior Design Trends to Know for 2024
22 October 2023

Creating design and furniture that reflects the zeitgeist is essential to stay relevant. From the increasing emphasis on wellness spaces, to a…

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Get the Scoop: Major Design Trends for 2024
14 May 2023

Decor + Design in Melbourne is Australia’s longest running event for the interiors industry. For the past two decades, it has…

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Discover Enviro Hide’s Luscious Recycled Leather
9 May 2023

Over his past thirty years in the Australian furniture business, Steve Layton has seen attitudes to manufacturing go full circle. From…

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Highlights From Milan Design Week 2023
25 April 2023

As we look forward to the 19th edition of Decor + Design in Melbourne this July, the 61st edition of the world’s…

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How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Interior Design
21 March 2023

We’ve all recently been entranced by the seemingly magical abilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) language model ChatGPT. So just how is…

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#DesignTok! Interior Design Accounts to Follow on TikTok Today
6 March 2023

The pandemic shot TikTok into the stratosphere. Now with over 3.5 billion downloads and at least one billion active users across…

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The New Romantics: Major Design Trends for 2023
22 January 2023

As we look towards Decor + Design in Melbourne this July, we’re seeing a wave of whimsical new looks and materials,…

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The 3 Colours Defining 2022
29 May 2022

Masterful use of colour doesn’t just happen. It’s a science. Experts spend years honing their skills to create palettes which can…

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New Design Frontiers in the Metaverse
3 March 2022

New frontiers are opening up for designers across the world – and in the virtual world. The next iteration of the…

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Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year is Fearless
1 February 2022

Prince (a.k.a The Artist Formerly Known As) would love Pantone’s new colour of the year. The international trends powerhouse has poured…

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