White is to bedroom soft furnishings and design what black is to fashion. Like the serene sense of security evoked by the perfect Little Black Dress hanging in the closet, Pure White is the eternal standby of the stylish seeking to create a tranquil boudoir.

White and grey bedroomYet whilst using a primarily white palette may seem simple, we’ve got some hot tips on how to really boost the impact of the neutral to end all neutrals.

Tip #1: How white is your white? There are literally hundreds of shades of white in the spectrum. Some have pinky undertones, some lean towards the beige. If you want to create a cohesive look, you need to work out whether you’re veering towards ivory or alabaster before you start. Otherwise you will end up with a confusing mishmash. Whilst some shades work brilliantly together, if you mix too many you’ll lose the purity and the whole point of working mainly with white in the first place.

Tip #2: Use texture. Contrasting patterns in beautiful white textiles will add depth to your room, particularly to bed linen. Whilst you can pick up great high street bits and pieces, such as cushions and lamps, it is worth paying for quality when it comes to manchester. White sheets and duvets will thin quickly over time and deteriorate quickly if you’re using poor materials.

Tip #3: Use light cleverly with shaded lamps at a low wattage that will warm the room and create an irrepressibly soothing elegance at bed time. Alternatively, for optimal ambience you can invest in some stylish recessed LED lighting. Check out Premium Lighting to spark inspiration.

Tip #4: Add a single splash of colour for incredible impact. For example, a brilliant cerise throw at the end of a bed will be a strong, edgy foil for the rest of the room. Add a deep green olive to make a room look oh so grown up. Or if you want a softer and more romantic look, you could try some cushions in Pantone’s colours of the year, Rose Quartz or Serenity.

white and green
Tip #5: A white space is the perfect foil for a stunning piece of art. We love Decor + Design exhibitor Shazia Imran’s vivid paintings. They look amazing in any room but will particularly pop in one dominated by neutral tones.

Lastly – whilst Nigella Lawson may keep a tray of condiments on the bedside table and enjoy regular midnight feasts from the comfort of her bed – we advocate against it. Nothing says #epicfail like tomato sauce on a 1000 thread count duvet!

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