By: Skye Rytenskild

8 Australian Furniture Designers Whose Work the Country Embraced
21 October 2016

The past century has seen the rise of notable furniture designers in Australia. Many of them followed the design trends of…

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16 Vertical Garden Concepts to Jazz Up Your Urban Home
11 October 2016

Living in an urban space can drain the life out of people. It’s no wonder that vertical gardens are becoming more…

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The Rise of Industrial Design in Modern Living
30 September 2016

Think of a warehouse. Think of worn-out wood flooring, brick walls, and metal bars exposed from the ceiling. Now, think of…

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Designers download! Pantone’s game-changing colour app
23 September 2016

Every designer knows the importance of colour choice. As Karim Rashid noted before delivering the keynote at Decor + Design 2016,…

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Smarter homes: Best tech innovations of 2016
15 September 2016

When Marty McFly travelled to the year 2015 in the 1989 movie Back to the Future II, he was mesmerised by,…

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Home office hacks: Five design tips to improve productivity
8 September 2016

Hark the Brave New World for the traditional office worker: no longer are we chained in 9-5 servitude to the company…

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Colour Trends 2016: All about spices
1 September 2016

When international colour mavens Pantone released their top ten colours for Fall 2016, we spotted a distinctly spicy undertone to some…

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Travel & design: Sydney Stylist Sibella Court on wanderlust
24 August 2016

The French have many splendid words, some best discussed over a good Bordeaux. One of them is dérive. It means “to drift”…

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Design trend 2017 forecast: Gather ye moss
18 August 2016

There is a recurring question on the lips of design industry insiders and masters of style: what’s up next? For interior…

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Designers unite: it's not left vs right
11 August 2016

Eminent New Zealand-based designer David Trubridge delivered an inspirational lecture at the International Seminar Series at Decor + Design 2016 in…

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