2016 was a topsy-turvy year – and not just in the interior design world. Internationally it was marked by a game of political Russian Roulette, perpetual see-sawing in the economy and a wreath of sad farewells to some of the most iconic names in pop culture. It was, in a word, brutal.

The interior design community has responded to the global Sturm und Drang with a love letter of sorts. It is a story comprised of warm colours and comforting textures, inspired by the nurturing palette of Mother Nature and the materials of simpler times.

Maudlin? Indulgent? Mais non! For while surely one of the principal functions of art and design is to propel us into the future; yet another is to apply a soothing balm when the world around us becomes too much to bear. 2017’s interior design trends aren’t unlike crawling into a soft bed and pulling the covers over your head.

So what’s out? Stark patterns and stripped back interiors for one. Although there will always be the diehard fans, expect Scandi minimalism to take a polite back seat. The copper trend that proliferated through 2015 and 2016 is also tarnished (that said, please feel free to donate your Tom Dixon copper candles to us).

We’ve scoped out what’s made the hit list for interior design in 2017, as well as some great practical examples from the exhibitors of Decor + Design.

The 2017 Hit List

Nostalgic pieces

One of the most marked trends is the swing away from hard colours and edges towards nostalgic pieces that evoke different eras – Bogart and Bacall, for instance; a time when a date meant a Manhattan cocktail before a leisurely dinner. Furniture is seeing a renaissance of cool character and softer curves that will encourage conversation deep into the night. Cromwell Interiors are stocking this oh-so-chic swivel chair with a luxurious cream cushion just made for sun downers. 

Cromwell Tommy Bahama Ocean Club Cabana Swivel Bar Stool

Tommy Bahama Ocean Club Cabana Swivel Bar Stool, Cromwell Interiors


For anyone who has rented a house with a 70’s-era kitchen, you’ll know that cork had a BIG moment. Well, it’s back in an even bigger way. Cork’s interesting finish makes it perfect for juxtapositions against a range of materials. On a practical level, it absorbs noise and lessens the likelihood of breakages. Aesthetically, it adds warmth, especially against timber cupboards. Check out the feature image – cork might just be the recipe for the perfect family kitchen!

Deep, earthy greens

We’ve already talked about the lush growth of verdant greens in the 2017 colour palette. Underpinned by what Scarlet Opus described as the ‘Organic Matter’ trend towards extreme naturalness, earthy greens are poking through across the spectrum of soft furnishings. Think the soothing calm of the deepest part of the Daintree. Try sinking into this scrumptious GlobeWest chair in Forest Green after a long day.

GlobeWest Bogart Tulip Sofa Chair

GlobeWest Bogart Tulip Sofa Chair in Forest Green

Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are hugely versatile for storage – use them for magazines in the living room, as laundry hampers or to store bits and pieces in the bathroom. They tap into the Desert Wanderer and Analogue Workshop trends – a casual nomadic vibe created using old skills passed through the generations. New Decor + Design exhibitor Native Interiors stock gorgeous woven baskets from African label ‘Khokho’, based in Swaziland.

Baskets 2

Woven baskets from label ‘Khokho’, Swaziland – Native Interiors

Terracotta and Muddy Tones

Beehive PotsLike woven baskets, terracotta and earthen pots are surging for 2017. In a similar fashion to cork, these materials will add warmth to your home or garden – due not only to their rich colour palette but also their familiarity.  Gardenhouse Decor stock a range of simple terracotta pots that will add charming depth to a conservatory or courtyard.

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