If you watched the Academy Awards, you may have been mildly distracted by Will Smith and Chris Rock’s gobsmacking stoush and ‘The Slap’ that reverberated around the world. However, Smith wasn’t the only one throwing shade. Here at Decor + Design we were distracted by ‘Best Actress’ Winner Jessica Chastain’s jaw-dropping Ombre Gucci gown, in graduated shades of gold and violet. Dare we suggest that this means Ombre is ready to stage a comeback into interior design?

Ombre – literal translation: ‘to shade’ – can transform a wall into a feature piece in its own right, rather than a backdrop. It can also create depth and perspective for a room, adding interest and texture. If done well, it can also work on curtains, furniture and soft furnishings.

Perhaps Ombre has only ever been waiting in the wings. We’ve got some ways you can start bringing it back into your interiors in 2022.

Create a Monochromatic Gradient 

Use one colour to give depth to a room. Creating an upwards gradient can help to expand the space.

Ombre Blue Bedroom. Image: Hipcouch

Experiment with Delicate Pastels

Create a dreamy watercolour effect with ombre graduation. A beautiful backdrop for an all-white or neutral interior. Wallpapers also work well, such as this one from Mural Wallpapers.

Ombre Wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper

Try Curtains or Wall Hangings

Using more vibrant colours in ombre layers can make a wall a focal point, while using ombre curtains allows a more subtle effect that can be easily changed out.

Ombre Curtains. Image: Decoist

Harness the Power of the Colour Wheel!

Image: Dulux

A colour wheel shows the relationships between colours and visually places primary, secondary and tertiary colours. It’s an essential tool for interior designers to develop colour schemes.

When it comes to ombre, choosing colours that sit next to each other on the wheel can help you create a soothing palette. See Dulux’s handy guide to how to use a colour wheel.

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