The ongoing popularity of grey interiors has brought about a large choice in flooring options that cater to this design style. From tiles, concrete, timber, laminate and vinyl flooring the variety is growing all the time.

Is Grey Laminate a good option? In the last few years, the design of laminate flooring has come a long way. Surface treatments used to look fake because of poor pixelated digital prints, so any faux flooring prints made it look cheap. Now the finishes are much better and the texture, image and durability makes it a great option for flooring.


There are always cheap options in the market that won’t look good or last very long, so it’s best to actually see samples in real life before committing to buying. Plenty of quality brands are in the market and offer guarantees which can give you confidence when choosing the right floor.

Laminate flooring can now mimic timber, tile and concrete, and grey is a natural look for all of these materials. Timber when untreated and aged turns grey and tile and concrete are often grey. This muted tone can work in with a lot of interior styles and offers flexibility in the future if you want to change decor and keep your floor the same.


Grey is the perfect base for a large range of colours. A popular style for Scandinavian interiors, grey flooring works well with muted pastels and other light timber furniture for this popular a modern look.


Flooring Bamboo – Autumn Sky

Grey doesn’t always have to be soft and light, it can be bold and moody too. Dark grey can add real drama to a room and allows you to add pops of colour against a dark backdrop, so that dark floors or walls can become a really impressive feature. Even gardeners love using grey as a backdrop in the garden as it can really make green plants stand out. So if you love your indoor plants this can also be a great feature inside.


Most people think of grey as a cold colour, which under the right circumstances is true. That doesn’t mean your design will be cold. Pairing grey with warm wood tones or leather in the furniture can make a room very cosy. Soft throws, chunky knits, pillows and rugs can bring in the colour and warmth you need. Grey can also have many tints that can add warmth. Warm grey brings in more browns and greens, while cooler greys have more blues as the base. Again both can be paired with warmer elements in the room to round out the look. It really is a flexible colour.





Here are some samples of laminate flooring from CQ Flooring Laminate collections that include grey or neutral tones, along with a few other brands available in Australia.

CQ LAMINATE FLOORING – Grey selections

FORMICA LAMINATE – Grey selections

INOVAR LAMINATE – Grey selections

QUICK STEP LAMINATE – Grey selections

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