Many of us dream of a life of adventure, unearthing hidden treasures. For Lara Pinter of Yak and Yeti Trader, it’s simply all part of the job.

Lara founded the company to not only fulfill her adventurous and creative impulses but to bring an awareness to sustainability and the human element of design.

Yak and Yeti Trader’s collections are the essence of the modern bohemian lifestyle. Designed to enjoy slow living at its best, standout pieces include handcrafted ladders, swing chairs, woven baskets and day beds.


Their collections are sourced from sustainable, raw, organic and natural materials and fibres. Yak and Yeti also place a firm emphasis on artistic integrity over mass production.

“We’re lucky to have found an amazing team of skilled artisans globally who produce exceptional craftsmanship and are dedicated to the highest quality in everything they do,” says Lara.


The Yak and Yeti team are hands-on when it comes to the design process.

“We absolutely love working alongside our artisans and sourcing handmade, unique pieces that ooze culture and soul.”

Yak and Yeti’s collections are fundamentally about embracing the character and charm of each individual piece, presenting beautifully handcrafted pieces that are meant to be enjoyed in the company of family and friends.

Since its foundation by Lara – who has a background in interior design and is the Creative Director – Yak and Yeti has remained a family-run company. Based in a coastal village in NSW, the aesthetic clearly reflects the love of the ocean, travel and the bohemian lifestyle.

A Global Design Collective

Yak and Yeti’s collections are drawn from around the world. It’s a slow process. Many pieces are made from reclaimed timbers, weaves and vintage pieces that have been repurposed.

“We love working alongside our artisans, watching an idea take shape as a sketch and becoming a truly unique design. It’s important that everything in our stable has soul and tells a story.”


All pieces are handmade and no one piece is the same, which fits with the major theme that has been coursing through the interior design world over the last couple of years: the embrace of imperfect beauty. Artisanship and craftsmanship are valued more now than perfection, mass-production and wide availability. Value is being added through the once-perceived flaws of individualism.

“I started this business because I see life as one big adventure”, says Lara. “Our beautifully handcrafted pieces have been infused with the personality of the maker and are always inspired by nature and culture.”

Most importantly, they have been made with love.

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We can’t wait to see what they bring to the 17th edition of the show, which will take place at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 16th – 19th July. Co-located with the Australian International Furniture Fair, 500+ brands will be on show.

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