Beautiful furniture has a subtle way of enhancing our lives in quite profound ways. The perfect symbiosis of function and form can nourish and sooth the senses, while having a huge impact on a room, our daily routine and – ultimately – our lives.

Darcy & Duke has forged a niche in the Australian interiors industry by providing designers and clients with standout pieces which provide quotidian comfort and pleasure.

“We seek out beautiful furniture because we appreciate it for more than just its utility,” says Erich Schulenburg, Director of Darcy & Duke. “Our aim is to present our customers with furniture that is beautiful and distinctive, in a style that conveys luxury.”

Image: Darcy & Duke

Over the years, Darcy & Duke has been a regular exhibitor at Decor + Design, Australia’s No.1 Interiors Trade Event. We’re delighted that they will be returning to the live event at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre this coming July, after we all went on a ‘virtual hiatus’ in 2020.

The return to physical trade shows is important for Darcy & Duke, as the brand has a strong focus on meaningful and personal engagement with their customers. This feeds into the ongoing development of their collections, while they also continually surprise and excite clients with unexpected items which will add flair to interiors.

Image: Darcy & Duke

2020 sent us all into a tailspin, with disruptions to the global supply chain and unexpected challenges from the global pandemic. Erich says that Darcy & Duke’s strategy was to engage and support customers as best they could through open and timely interaction.

“A disruptive event creates such unpredictability that, in our view, it renders the formulation of any mid-term strategy almost impossible. We therefore focused on the basic disciplines and maintaining business flexibility, so that we could adapt as the situation evolved.”

Like many in the interiors industry, Darcy & Duke’s main challenge was the disrupted supply chain, which they mitigated through increased stock holding.

A Focus on Earthy Colours and Textured Fabrics

The stressful environs of the last year have meant interior designers have been focusing on comforting materials which provide succour and calm.

Darcy & Duke’s clients have been gravitating towards boucle fabrics, so the brand has been introducing interesting variations. Earthy colours such as olive greens and chestnut browns have also been strong.

“It is interesting to see how retailers who are more adventurous in terms of trying new designs and fabrics are often rewarded. We see a fairly quick uptake of new designs, which is pleasing,” says Erich.

As the only trade show which provides a 360-degree view of the interiors industry, Decor + Design in 2021 will be an important platform for exhibitors to meet with clients again in person, plus allow the latter to touch and feel the latest collections.

“Our industry is all about physically experiencing products. Although digital media is great, it cannot replace the tactile element,” says Erich.

“We have created a lot of new product, which I suspect will be the case with many suppliers! I think that’s going to make visiting the show a really rewarding experience for all attendees this year. We therefore expect a positive atmosphere at the show. Visitors will be surprised to see how much our range has developed in terms of variety and design, and we look forward to showing it.”

Image: Darcy & Duke

See Darcy & Duke’s latest collections at Decor + Design 2021, alongside hundreds of other exhibitors showcasing indoor and outdoor furniture, soft furnishings, lighting, textiles, art and more. The 18th edition of Australia’s No.1 Interiors Trade Event will return to the Melbourne Exhibition Centre from 15 – 18 July. Trade visitors can register here – start planning your trip to Decor + Design now!