At Decor + Design 2024, Australia’s premier event for the interiors industry, we’ll be celebrating our 20th anniversary with the launch of the co-located Green Design Show. Curated with intention, partners include the Green Building Council of Australia and our Official Sustainability Advisor, Circular Design Thinking. 

Given the prevalence of greenwashing across industries, it was important to us that the inaugural Green Design Show is governed by robust sustainability guidelines in the categories of Green Product or Circularity. Karie Soehardi of Circular Design Thinking curated the impressive Green Design Hub at Decor + Design 2023 (left), and has been instrumental in overseeing the guidelines and ensuring that the exhibitors that are part of the Green Design Show are genuinely leading in sustainability.

Who is Circular Design Thinking?

Circular Design Thinking (CDT) is an environmental consultancy dedicated to the Australian furnishings and interiors industry.

Founder Karie Soehardi (image top of article) is a materials expert with several decades of experience in designing commercial textiles and interior furnishings, driven by a mission to change the practices of the industry at a seed level.

Clients of CDT include Space Furniture, Cult Design, Kvadrat Maharam, James Dunlop Textiles Group, Green Building Council of Australia and the Australian Resilient Flooring Association, to name just a few. Their agenda is ambitious. Karie says that:

“Our mission is to have two thirds of the industry circular by 2030. We believe that in the “Decade of Do” the industry has the capability to turn environmental concerns around.”

CDT is made up of experienced and dedicated individuals who offer a range of services to help the industry reduce environmental impact and increase profitability. The team’s experience stems from having worked in the industry they are passionate about changing.

Creating a Real Path for Positive Change 

In order to change things, you need to know exactly where you stand. CDT offers services such as sustainability assessments, product innovation, materials selection, circular economy strategies, green supply chain management and knowledge on ecological processes, carbon strategies and carbon neutrality initiatives. The team identifies how to reduce environmental impact through life cycle assessments, carbon and resource footprint analysis.

They also provide expertise in global supply chain management, operations and process improvement. Developing innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of a company’s operations and supply chain.

Through creating long-term solutions that reduce environmental impact and increase profitability, CDT helps their clients create a positive change in their product development, material choices and business processes for the long term.

Find out more about Circular Design Thinking here.

The 20th edition of Decor + Design will take place from 17 – 19 July 2024 at Melbourne Exhibition Centre, with the Green Design Show as a specially demarcated area at the entrance to the  Trade visitor registration is open! Register now and start planning your visit to be inspired at the Green Design Hub, Curated By Circular Design Thinking.