The 19th edition of Decor + Design & the Australian International Furniture Fair will revolve around the theme of Elevate. With an increased emphasis on Australian Made products, we’re delighted to welcome Buywood Furniture as an exhibitor in 2023.

Buywood Furniture is a Brisbane-based family business led by fourth generation furniture maker Lee Kenny. With craftsmanship at the centre of the brand, Buywood has a reputation for handcrafting some of the highest quality timber furniture available in Australia.

Every piece of Buywood Furniture is custom made. The team work closely with clients to bring ideas to life, transforming them from sketches into exquisite pieces. In doing so, Lee and his fellow makers are maintaining the art of Australian woodworking, passing knowledge to carefully selected and dedicated apprentices.

We spoke with the team at Buywood to find out more about the business and the process of crafting unforgettable pieces of furniture which will be passed down through to the generations.

Custom-made table and chairs. Image: Buywood Furniture

Can you tell us more about the foundation of the company and where it stands today?

Authenticity and refinement are part of the fabric at Buywood Custom Furniture. We craft bespoke solid timber furniture from the ground up, utilising traditional joinery methods and a range of sustainably sourced hardwood timbers.

Every piece that leaves our workshop is handcrafted and completely exclusive to the investor. Being a natural product, solid timber varies from tree to tree, climate to climate, and continues to age relative to the location it is placed in.

With mass production prevalent today, excellence and exclusivity are often hard to come by when searching for furniture. We are so honoured to offer this service and product to those wishing to invest their hard-earned money on a piece with an everlasting charm.

How would you describe the Buywood Furniture aesthetic?

The Buywood aesthetic is quite traditional with a recent push towards a more contemporary touch. Championing solid timber, our range really lends itself to a very warm and cosy character. The beauty of custom pieces means that our clients can also play around with their selections and design, to create an aesthetic they would like to establish.

Custom-made bathroom vanity. Image: Buywood Furniture

You offer a beautiful collection of furniture as well as custom made. What’s the design process for clients who are looking for bespoke pieces?

We don’t have any readymade products in our workshop as everything is made to order, however we do offer an exclusive range of products, as well as custom pieces.

The process behind our custom pieces varies from job to job. However, we will always host a meeting to discuss the overall scope of project, design, timber preference, and special features they wish to include. From here we draw everything up for approvals and once approved, send it off to the workshop.

All your furniture is made by artisans at your Alderley showroom and workshop. Are there any particular challenges in being an exclusively Australian Made company?

Our main challenge as an exclusively Australian made company is keeping up with demand and managing the uncontrollable. A limited number of artisans, combined with uncontrollable matters such as timber shortages or delays, means there are only so many products we can deliver on a month-to-month basis. Many of our clients are so patient and recognise that our pieces take time. There is a long list of clients which is always a huge help.

We have also recently formed ties with world-leading European furniture designers and creators Spalli and Nicoline. As of next year, our clientele will have access to some incredible timber furniture from Spalli and exclusive sofas from Nicoline.

Tailor-made dining table and chairs. Image: Buywood Furniture

You will be exhibiting for the first time in 2023 at Decor + Design in Melbourne. Why have you decided to exhibit – and what can visitors expect to see?

We haven’t tapped into the Melbourne market just yet and believe Decor + Design & the Australian International Furniture Fair is the perfect opportunity to showcase our range!

Our products are remarkably sensory, so visitors can expect a unique experience when visiting us this year. We don’t want to give too much away, but the range of pieces coming with us will be handpicked by our team and may even include a brand-new piece exclusive to guests of the fair…

Don’t miss experiencing beautiful handcrafted pieces by Buywood Furniture at Decor + Design and the Australian International Furniture Fair (AIFF), 13 – 16 July 2023 at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Register as a trade visitor now!