Calling all design and architecture aficionados! Celebrate 100 years of The Bauhaus at Decor + Design, Australia’s No.1 Interiors Trade Event! To mark this stylish occasion, we’ll be hosting a special presentation as part of the Australian House & Garden International Seminar Series

The Bauhaus is one of the most influential modernist art and design schools of the twentieth century. Its famous decree that “form follows function” has had a far reaching impact across the design world.

Founded by Walter Gropius in 1919, The Bauhaus was an artistic response to the political climate of post-war Germany. It re-imagined the material world to reflect a symbiosis in all of the arts. The aim was to produce a ‘total’ work which drew on fundamental concepts in painting, sculpture, architecture and design theory.

It radicalised modernist design in a way that reverberated around the world…including in Australia, which was beginning to find its own design identity at that time

Meet ‘Ms Modernism’ at Decor + Design!

Explore The Bauhaus’ impact on Australian architecture and design in a fascinating session with Annalisa Capurro, also known as ‘Ms. Modernism’. Annalisa will be speaking on Friday 19th July at 3pm. 

Be inspired by our most splendid modernist houses and re-discover the fundamental principles of modernist design.

As a specialist in modern architecture and design, Annalisa regularly presents lectures and leads architectural tours for academic and cultural institutions and architecture/design events, locally and abroad, including Sydney Open, Sydney Design Festival, Sydney Architecture Festival, Canberra Modern and Modernism Week, Palm Springs, USA.

Jack House, Sydney

Annalisa is a passionate advocate for the preservation of modern architecture and is the owner of the iconic 1957 Sulman Award winning Jack House in Sydney (above and in feature image), designed by architect Russell Jack, in collaboration with his wife, architect Pamela Jack. In 2013 Annalisa was proactive in listing the Jack House on the NSW State Heritage Register.

Explore Australian modernism with a master! Register as a trade visitor to Decor + Design and book your place at 100 Years of Bauhaus! Celebrating Australian Modernism. It will take place at the Australian House & Garden International Seminar Series, part of the show at Melbourne Exhibition Centre.