Gone are the days of sparkling white tiles, an abundance of natural light and cream-coloured towels in the bathroom. Enter: the moody palette. A bathroom that is dark, enticing and perhaps a little intimidating to your guests, but for all the right reasons. Artistic flair, rich colour schemes and a penchant for drama never hurt any design.
If you want to transform the style of your bathroom without it looking like Halloween has hit early, then check out these stylish, moody bathroom home design trends to love.

Black Tiling

Black is a staple shade previously associated with gothic romanticism and now the poster-child of minimalist style. It has the power to evoke intense reactions from people and, although more popular in the world of fashion, is becoming a fast favourite in contemporary and designer homes around the world. Despite not technically being a colour, when used correctly it can have more impact than fire-hydrant red. If all-black everything is a little much for you, then contrast with pale grey tiles or warm, wooden accents. This will soften the harshness, without losing that sleek, moody style.

Dark bathroom_2

Freestanding Bath

The not-so-humble freestanding bath was once an indulgence only associated with luxury homes but are now found to feature in residences of all sizes and styles. There is something incredibly captivating about the drama and symmetry of a true focal point. If you would like all the gothic grandeur of a Victorian-inspired build, then consider investing in a claw-foot bathtub; a statement piece that will take your guests breath away. Be careful to ensure your flooring is able to support this weight before you make the purchase.

Aged Brass Fixtures

Although worn-out furniture and hardware are often associated with a bohemian style, it’s actually a great way to inject character into your bathroom and give it that ‘old world’ feel. The result of well-aged brass is a spectrum of shades and textures which create a very subtle, moody addition to your tapware. Most of these quirky additions can be found at vintage markets or speciality stores. It’s even possible to age the brass yourself for that truly unique touch – a quick and easy task to achieve over a weekend.

Gray Bathroom

Concrete Walls

Nothing sets the mood like cold, unforgiving and completely pared-back poured concrete, a unique material to integrate into your bathroom. Traditionally more industrial, in this day of modern design many custom homes with larger spaces use the smooth aesthetic of concrete to emphasise width and height with continuity. Not a trend for the masses just yet, but certainly in renovation shows and more eccentric homes, this underwhelming palette overwhelms with sheer size and presence, creating an intense atmosphere.

Dimmed Lighting

It isn’t exactly rocket science that dimmed lighting creates an intimate and engaging space, not just in the bathroom but every aspect of the home. Choose great lighting that serves three main purposes; to illuminate, decorate and set the mood. Often a simple spotlight is enough to get the job done, particularly for minimalist bathrooms, but pendant lights are also making a serious comeback into the bathroom scene. A glass pendant light above your bathtub or in line with your vanity unit will bring moody-theatrics into the space without too much fuss or fanfare.

Exposed Brick

Imagine this. Expansive matte black floor tiling and a wall of simple, unaltered exposed brick. The result? A bathroom that takes the best elements of an exterior for a truly unique interior space. While exposed brick has been popular in New-York-style apartments and loft residences for some time, it is now becoming commonplace in residential homes too. If your bathroom is part of a knockdown rebuild project, it can be a good idea to salvage some of the bricks from your old house to incorporate into the new one. The rugged texture of the brick is an ideal way to change the mood in your bathroom without colouring everything in black.

Characterful Art

I once walked into a bathroom that appeared to be relatively ordinary. A very simple, deep colour palette and minimal furniture offered a blank canvas. However, once I walked past the shower I saw on the wall a very large replica of a Tudor painting. The rich, dark colours of the artwork, combined with a rather impressive historical figure, set the tone for a characterful space. Adding artwork is a great way to try out those moody tones without making the same commitment as re-tiling or painting your walls. Always make sure the piece is behind glass so the humidity doesn’t ruin the picture!

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