An award-winning interior designer, author, creative director, producer and TV personality, Shaynna Blaze hardly needs an introduction. She is perhaps best known for her role as a Judge on TV juggernauts The Block and Selling Houses Australia.

In addition, her design business, Blank Canvas Interiors, has created stunning interiors across both residential and commercial spaces for more than thirty years.

Shaynna Blaze on The Block.

We’re delighted that Shaynna will be bringing her unerring eye for style to Decor + Design 2022, speaking at the Seminar Series on Friday 15 July.

When it comes to design, Shaynna loves to inspire others with the impact it has on our social environment, and the influence it has on how we live and communicate.

In the lead up the event, we asked Shaynna five questions about her design inspirations and aesthetic…

How would you define the Shaynna Blaze aesthetic?

Classic with a twist. I love to build the bones of an interior with a structure that will stay relevant to the house but also the homeowners, so it supports you over time and grows with you as your life changes. Then the personality is layered and threaded into the design to add the history and future of who will live/work/visit.

Also, creating elements of the unexpected. I love to create twists and surprises that keeps you in love with your space.

What’s one design rule you live by?

Function over form – if it looks pretty and doesn’t work, it defeats the whole purpose of design!

If you had to choose one project that you’re particularly proud of, which would it be?

That’s an easy one. I was engaged with my team to design the interiors, exteriors and collaborate with the landscape of New Direction Care, an innovative residential community for the elderly with complex care needs and for those living with dementia and early onset dementia. My mother lived with Alzheimer’s for 16 years and I wish something like this was around that could have improved her quality of life the way I have seen it do for their residents and the families that visit. If you don’t think design changes lives and adds quality to it, you should take a look at this incredible concept.

New Direction Care, QLD. Interior design by Shaynna Blaze. Image:

Which artist or designer from history would you choose to be in isolation with?

Leonardo Di Vinci – we could have painted, drawn, sketched and created a new version of a drone to fly us out of there!

Leonardo Da Vinci

Why is design important for the world?

It is a very complex combination of problem, solution, curiosity and execution. Great design happens when you don’t even know it is there, that is why I think enough credit has not been given to it.

Ergonomics is utilised every day in the way you use your keypad and mouse, your desk, your chair, your kitchen layout, your appliance functionality etc and everything connected with the five senses. Design adds value to your everyday communication at work, in the home and in public spaces. Solving design problems happens every day as what works one day in your space may not work in five years’ time. Design helps make and define history, look at any interior or exterior design style and it is a collective of curious minds whirring behind the scenes to make magic happen!

Take ‘A Masterclass in Design’ at Decor + Design 2022

Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by Shaynna Blaze in person on Friday 15 July 2022 at the Seminar Series at Decor + Design. Other confirmed speakers include legendary designers Adelaide Bragg, Cameron Kimber, Robyn Holt, James Treble and more.

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