One of Australia’s best-known faces of design, Jamie Durie, will be speaking at Decor + Design 2022, inspiring trade visitors with insider tips on how to create beautiful spaces that connect us to nature, inside and out.

Jamie Durie OAM is an award-winning international designer, author and TV presenter. His multi-disciplinary design practice Durie Design has received more than 38 international design awards and specialises in the areas of concept architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and industrial/furniture design. His furniture has retailed in more than 200 department stores throughout Australia and continues to sell today in over 16 European countries.

Jamie Durie with Oprah Winfrey. Image: Enhance Entertainment.

The author of 12 bestselling books, Jamie has also hosted over 54 prime-time lifestyle/design shows on television, airing in over 90 countries worldwide – including regular appearances on Oprah as a celebrity designer. Most recently he was the host of Channel 7’s House Rules in 2020, host of Curb Appeal Extreme, USA 2021and host and co-creator of a new Eco-Design show called Growing Home premiering in 2022.

Jamie is a committed environmentalist who works with numerous environmental organisations and in 2013 was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for Services to the Environment & Design.

Jamie will be speaking on Sunday 17 July at Decor + Design. You can view the full program here. In the lead up to the event, we asked Jamie a few questions to uncover his design inspirations…

Firstly, how would you define the ‘Jamie Durie’ aesthetic?

Raw, organic, considered luxury.

What’s one design rule you live by?

“Think about the way humans interact with the space and deliver a design that enhances their emotional experience.”

If you had to choose one project that you’re particularly proud of, which would it be?

Pacific Flora 2004, when I delivered an exhibition garden in Hamamatsu, Japan . we successfully experimented in creating soft depressions and curves in the timber decks and timber stepping stones. The result was an evocative, eye catching sculptural display using traditional Japanese boat building techniques to push the Australian timbers to their limits.

Pacific Flora 2004. Photo by JAMIE DURIE DESIGN via

Which artist or designer from history would you choose to be in isolation with?

Isamu Noguchi. In my opinion, one of the true masters of scale, proportion and discipline around material uses.

‘Kouros’ by Isamu Noguch 1945. Image: Creative Commons

Why is design important for the world?

We all have photographic memories and when your mind takes a picture of a thought provoking piece of design that moves you it is memorable, it’s emotive and it’s powerful.

Good design isn’t just about delivering a more efficient function. It could be simply about eye catching proportion and unique materials that are put together in an artful way. Good design can be about function or art or a sophisticated blend of both and when that happens it becomes a far more meaningful piece of design to the user.

Don’t miss Jamie Durie at the Decor + Design Seminar Series 2022. Supported by The Design Files, the theme is ‘A Masterclass in Australian Design’ and other speakers include David Hicks, David Flack, Shaynna Blaze, Collette Dinnigan, Adelaide Bragg, Jason Grant and Anna Spiro. Entry to the exhibition at Decor + Design is free but limited to trade visitors, seminar tickets are between $55 – $75.

View the full program and book your place now!