Some people seek a neutral space in interior design; others look for a wild swirl of energy, harnessing the vibrant tribal and animal prints which are currently experiencing a renaissance. We love the juxtaposition of the two, which can create a living, breathing space of intrigue!

UK Trend Forecasters Scarlet Opus identified Tribal Design as a trend at the last Decor + Design show and they’ve been proven right by yet again by the plethora of African-inspired prints that have filtered into global collections.

If you’re itching to release your wild side, we’ve got some inspiration for injecting some tribal majesty into your interior designs.

Opt for Earthy Tones or Vivid Prints

There’s no cap on the inspirational options available when it comes to tribal patterns. They tend to go in two different directions. Firstly, they can be earthy in tone, reflecting the wonderful desert tones of Africa.

A synergy between ochre and cream can create a stylish look that also has a grounding impact. We love these patterned chairs from Kelly Wearstler designs. They look stunning contrasted against a splashed wallpaper that employs the same palette.

Image: Kelly Wearstler Designs

Employing the vibrant colours of an African summer are a beautiful way to bring interiors to life. You can use textiles to great effect against a neutral base. For example multi-patterned bright cushions against a cream sofa and neutral walls.

Or you can reverse the approach and extract the colour palette to use on the walls, keeping the soft furnishings neutral.

If you’re going to DIY, we’ve got the perfect colourways for you from Pantone, below.

Pantone Colourways for African Summer. Image: Design Junkie

Add a Touch of Animal

Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s Palm Springs Abode. Image: Martyn Lawrence Bullard Atelier

Animal print can sometimes get a bad rap, thanks to questionable 70s blouses in bad synthetics. Yet used tastefully, there’s nothing more chic or glamorous.

Iconic interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard creates just the right level of excess with his extraordinary spaces for celebrities, including the Kardashians, Cher, Tommy Hilfiger and more. We love MLB’s own home in Palm Springs, pictured above. The monochrome of the zebra rugs and cushions are ever so delicious when juxtaposed against the fuchsia and white. Colours this strong also work well in a large space.

The key here is sticking firmly to a palette of only two to three key colours. More than that and the 70s might indeed be back!

Martyn Lawrence Bullard will be flying into Melbourne from LA to bring his distinctive flair to the 2018 Decor + Design show.

MLB will be delivering the International Keynote on Friday 20th July, as part of the Australian House & Garden International Seminar Series. Futurist Victoria Redshaw from Scarlet Opus will also be back forecasting the macro design trends for 2019.

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