Decor + Design has always been extremely proud to foster independent design studios and emerging talent, with features including the VIVID design competition, Design: BAZAAR and WALL ST.

In 2017 Design: BAZAAR has been re-branded to Design Laneway. The new name reflects Decor + Design’s home of Melbourne, with its famous cobbled laneways that are the perfect brew of espresso, artistic expression and collaboration.

Design Laneway will showcase independent studios producing micro production runs. Original design work extends across ceramics, lighting, furniture and home interior products. It’s a great opportunity for smaller outfits to meet influential trade visitors and retailers in an informal environment.

We spoke to five of the independent studios that will be lining Design Laneway in July and tapped into their origins and inspirations.

Tub Design


Tub Design creates handcrafted domestic and commercial lighting, using Italian fabrics, natural woods, ceramics, stainless steel and solid brass.

Founder James McCormick came to lighting design from a background in sculpting. After studying at the Phillip Institute, he began experimenting with a large range of materials and techniques that gave him the latitude to think about product design in a less constrained way.  Having always had an interest with objects that people interact with daily – and intrigued by the never-ending possibilities of the play of light – he found his métier in lighting.

The aim of Tub Design is to make lighting of lasting beauty that is appreciated on a daily basis.  James launched Tub Design in 1996 and his very first design, ‘Juno’, is still being handmade today. He works with interior designers, architects and private individuals, on both commercial and residential projects.


Bird Table Lamp Australian Design

The Bird Table Lamp from Tub Designs


James is primarily inspired from the raw materials he works with – metals with all their possible finishes and strength; wood with its grain texture and warmth; fabrics with their endless colour and possibilities; and ceramics for their durability and ease of form. He is also inspired by architecture, music and fashion – integral to gather a sense of where the world is at and where his lighting designs should go.

Why Design Laneway?

‘As I work alone in my studio it is always exciting to present my work in its best light (no pun intended) to professionals in the field of design. I find the feedback from the fairgoers invaluable as they are often seeing my work for the first time and can have practical and aesthetic insights from a point of view I may not have considered. I like to think of the D+D show as a gathering of the like-minded design tribe’.

Eddie Botha


Eddie Botha’s hand-drawn original artworks are nourished by his love for people and nature. Formerly a Landscape Architect, he saw a gap in the market for individualistic and customised solutions. The beauty of his drawing style and illustrative works is that he can draw on any topic, colour, scheme scale and surface. From wallpapers to floors, murals to lampshades, or canvas or paper artworks, Eddie’s work is unique. He has participated in international biennials and Art fairs and currently has an art tram roaming the streets of Melbourne as part of the Melbourne Festival.


Eddie is fundamentally inspired by interaction, which is why street art plays an important role in his art and work. His art is really about people and creating personal results. He is inspired by nature and technology, as well as other artists.

“At the end of the day I want people to smile, relate and enjoy the artworks, discovering new details. I want the works to have a positive influence on life.”

Eddie Botha - Everyday Life, 91 x 20cm, Indian Ink on Mixed Media Board, June 2013

Eddie Botha, ‘Everyday Life’, 91 x 20cm, Indian Ink on Mixed Media Board (June, 2013)

Why Design Laneway?

‘I love talking about art and meeting like-minded people. Giving people something different is my aim in life. There are always interesting people visiting and to get their direct feedback on my works is important to me. I ultimately create the works for others, so I need to know where I can improve and where am I succeeding in the process. Creating unique commission works for offices and homes would just make me so very happy. Can’t wait!”



Artistudio started in Arti Shah’s studio in Paddington in 2009. A purveyor of original works, Arti loves to weave, paint and make ceramics.

Artistudio 1

Original artwork by Arti Shah

‘I am self-taught and love to be creative. Modern Macrame and textile work have the charm and individuality of the handmade and the vintage, combined with a modern twist. Whether you prefer beautiful photography, bold images, ceramics, abstract paintings or home furnishings you can find modern wall art & furnishings to suit your tastes.’


Arti is inspired by her childhood in the idyllic Blue Mountains and adopted home of glam-bohemian Palm Beach in NSW. Her background of graphic design and painting informs her works. The pristine natural beauty of both places has been central to her lifestyle and inspiration.

Why Design Laneway?

“I am looking forward to showing my artwork and meeting like minded people. Last year I met some great people at the show and I hope to meet more this year. It will be great to forge new relationships with new clients and bring my art into new homes and spaces. I can’t wait to be a part of the show this year.”

Amikah Designs


Amikah designs is a 100% Australian-owned, independent and custom design studio that specialises in original fabrics, cushions, bags and bed linen.

The studio is the brainchild of Monique O’Callaghan, who rather unusually was lucky enough to find an Interior Designer, Kelly Adame, whilst driving down the Bruce Highway in QLD. Between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Kel noticed a flamboyant woman jotting down the business details which adorned the side of her car. A few days later, Mon contacted Kel and asked if they could meet to discuss some fabric design ideas. The rest is history – today they work happily together as partners and friends, exchanging ideas over endless cups of coffee.

Amikah Designs

Fabric cushions from Amikah Designs

Amikah Designs is continually evolving. Their gorgeous independent design is a free fall mixture of intricate patterns and colours drawn from nature, which are projected onto fabric to create unique and colour-rich textiles.


Nature is a primary inspiration; it’s a magical world of colour, textures and patterns. From the markings on the smallest bug to the natural arrangement of flowers on bush, the richness around us is remarkable.

Why Design Laneway?

“Tapping into others’ creativity always leaves us in awe and pushes us to believe in our own creative ability to make something beautiful and functional for someone’s space”.



Scandiluxe was created by couple Julian and Nikki out of their mutual enduring love for interiors, carpentry and craftsmanship.

The beginnings of Scandiluxe were quite pragmatic – in need of wall hooks for their home, they started throwing design ideas around with accessible materials. Julian’s carpentry skills meant that they were able to take concept to prototype very quickly. Scandiluxe was born and the due work from their base in Brisbane.

Scandiluxe design hooks

Tipped Scoop Hooks from Scandiluxe


Julian and Nikki are inspired by the wider independent design world, raw materials and nature. They have a deep-rooted love for understated, timeless design that combines natural elements and functionality.

“An organised and well thought out space inspires us. The idea that people actually need our products in their home is inspiring in itself. Starting a business from scratch that enables us as a family to work from home is hugely important, especially in the early stages of our business”.

Why Design Laneway?

“We are looking forward to meeting others in our industry and potentially building relationships with them. Being a part of something so creative excites us. Showing our products to retailers and designers is something we really look forward to.”

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