Rugs are the secret sauce of interiors. The right rug can utterly transform a room and alter the mood of its inhabitants, combining form with function for sophistication and comfort.

With 200+ exhibitors from Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th July at Decor + Design 2024, design trade visitors will be able to pick from some of Australia’s leading wholesalers of rugs for both residential and commercial interiors. Here are some luscious rugs from three of our favourites!

Tribe Home 

Founded in 2010, Tribe Home has built a reputation as one of the foremost rug companies in Australia. Their handmade rugs have soul, sourced sustainably from global artisans.

“It has never been more apparent that rugs are an integral part of interior direction. To imagine a room without a handmade rug is to imagine an empty soulless space that lacks character and warmth,” says Tina Richards, Director of Tribe Home.

“A room with a rug encourages people to gather and feel comfortable in their surroundings. It encourages people to stay longer and linger. It is the secret ingredient that brings the whole interior scheme together.”

We love the ultra-modern and luscious feel of this handloomed Astor rug from Tribe Home (left & above). A combination of wasabi green and ivory hued New Zealand wool has been carefully handloomed to create a faded, chequered print that will reinvigorate your home with its bold yet simple form. Dropping in Nov/Dec 2024, it is available for pre-order now.

Love That Homewares

Love That Homewares curate beautiful collections of quality home decor, from luxurious rugs to plush cushions, designed to add elegance to a space.

Whether you’re a small retailer or large customer, Love That Homewares offer personalised service and comprehensive solutions. As an Australian-owned business, they prioritise local communities and quality materials that bring craftsmanship and joy into a home.

We love the Fabien (right) rug, a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and contemporary design. Crafted from 100% wool in the heart of India, it boasts an array of striking designs, ranging from geometric patterns to abstract motifs.


Innovatec Living is a progressive furniture wholesaler that has been in operation for over twenty years. The brand sources furniture from both local and overseas manufacturers, carefully selecting based on craftsmanship and production costs so that they can provide a range of quality furniture at affordable prices.

They regularly consult with clients to keep their collections progressive and fresh; buying furniture that will fulfil a need in the current market but will also remain fashionable in years to come.

We love this Aland rug from their collection, in a soft blue but hardy composition for commercial environments.

See the latest collections from Tribe Home, Love That Homewares and Innovatec at the 20th anniversary edition of Decor + Design, Wednesday 17th – Friday 19th July at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Register now to visit – entry to the exhibition is free but limited to trade visitors.

Plus don’t miss seeing leading designers at the International Seminar Series. The 2024 program will feature design luminaries including Abigail Ahern, Greg Natale, David Hicks, Brahman Perera, Kate Nixon, Natalie Walton and more. Tickets range from $55 – 99.