We can’t wait to see Knotted by Hand Macrame as an exhibitor at the inaugural Green Design Show at Decor + Design, 17 – 19 July at Melbourne Exhibition Centre. Knotted by Hand’s Founder Kasia (left) makes exquisite macramé art from sustainable and reclaimed materials, beautifully constructed to add layers of warmth and artisanal charm to a space.

In our increasingly supercharged world of AI and automation, handcrafted pieces are becoming more and more highly prized. Furnishings and fashion that are made with intention and care are in demand – and there is perhaps no slower and more thoughtful craft than the intricate art of macramé.

Crafted With Intention 

The Green Design Show at Decor + Design is being curated purposefully and transparently, in partnership with the Green Building Council of Australia and Circular Design Thinking. Exhibiting in this part of the show is governed by a robust set of guidelines, which Knotted by Hand has met.

For Kasia, the journey to Knotted by Hand started as a child in her late Aunt’s studio; every inch of which was permeated by creativity. “I was captivated by the interplay of colours and textures. It laid the groundwork for my own artistic exploration.”

Inspired by the magic of those early experiences, Kasia embarked on the creative path that led to Knotted by Hand. We asked her a few questions to understand a little more about her practice, how motherhood has impacted her work and what she’ll be exhibiting at the show.

Kasia, when and how did you come to found Knotted by Hand?

Becoming a mother to my two incredible boys has been my greatest accomplishment, grounding me in a newfound sense of purpose and resilience.

Through the challenges and joys of motherhood, I’ve discovered a profound strength within myself, allowing me to embrace moments of stillness, warmth, and tranquility. Immersed in the beauty of raising children, I’ve learned to quiet the external noise and live a life filled with simplicity and purpose.

With this newfound clarity and peace, I embarked on a journey to channel my creativity into something meaningful. Knotted by Hand became more than just a creative outlet—it became a reflection of the serenity and warmth I’ve cultivated as a mother. Through macramé designs that exude tranquility, I invite others to share in this journey of self-discovery and connection, finding solace and beauty amidst the chaos of life.

What makes the pieces special? Who are your usual clients?

I believe in the transformative power of macramé art to elevate spaces and enrich lives. With a dedication to sustainable practices, artisanal craftsmanship, and mindful living, I invite anyone who seeks to elevate their space and create environments that inspire, soothe, and evoke a sense of wonder.

Image: Knotted By Hand

Whether you’re an interior designer seeking to infuse your projects with texture and warmth or an art enthusiast passionate about supporting local, handmade creations, I am here to co- create environments that inspire, bringing your unique vision to vibrant life.

You will be exhibiting as part of our new Green Design Show in 2024, which will feature only truly sustainable companies. How does Knotted by Hand consider sustainability at every stage?

Sustainability is at the core of Knotted by Hand’s ethos, guiding every stage of our process. I prioritise locally sourced, sustainable materials such as natural fibres and reclaimed timber, ensuring that each knot is not only a work of art but also a testament to our commitment to the planet.

By embracing eco-conscious practices, I aim to inspire others to adopt a more sustainable way of living.

Image: Knotted By Hand

What are you looking forward to at the Green Design Show? What can visitors expect to see at your stand?

I am thrilled to be participating in the Green Design Show at Decor + Design in Melbourne! I look forward to sharing the unique beauty of Knotted by Hand.

Visitors can expect to see a curated collection of macramé artistry that transcends traditional notions of décor. Our stand will be a sanctuary of creativity and inspiration, inviting guests to explore the transformative power of handmade art in elevating both spaces and spirits. I’m envisioning a space where creativity flourishes and connections are forged!

Beyond showcasing the artistry of Knotted by Hand, I am particularly excited about the prospect of collaborating with interior designers on both domestic and commercial projects. I believe that macramé art has the power to transform any space, adding texture, warmth, and a touch of artisanal charm.

My hope is that through meaningful conversations and shared visions at the show, I can forge partnerships that bring our collective design dreams to life. Visitors can expect to explore not only the beauty of our macramé creations but also the potential for collaboration and co-creation that lies within each knot.

Explore more of Kasia’s beautiful work on the Knotted By Hand website. Follow on Instagram via @knotted_by_hand | Pinterest or TikTok 

Be inspired at the inaugural Green Design Show in Melbourne, 17 – 19 July at Decor + Design. Register now as a visitor entry to both exhibitions is free but limited to trade visitors.