Great art is the cornerstone of a great interior. Like Taylor Swift’s infamous ‘Blank Space’, an empty wall is an open opportunity for an interior designer to write their name…and make a room truly come alive.

However, when working with a limited budget, expensive framing can blow out the bottom line. Which is why Simone Kelly founded Gussy Dup, a forward-thinking curation of gorgeous art which doesn’t need to be framed to make an impact.

Gussy Dup’s vibrant pieces are perfect for stylish, bohemian spaces – plus we particularly love them for nurseries! They are available as an adhesive which sticks to the wall and is fully removable. They can also be framed for a more structured feel.

We asked Simone to tell us more about her beautiful brainchild…

‘High Noon’ print by Adrianne Hawthorne. From Gussy Dup

2019 was Gussy Dup’s first year exhibiting at Decor + Design. Can you tell us about the company?

Gussy Dup brings innovation to the art world. We offer artwork that doesn’t need to be framed. We curate big, bold, colourful art from popular artists around the world. This artwork is unlike any other because it can be framed the traditional way, or simply stuck to the wall just like a decal.

It’s a very original idea! What inspired you? Plus, where did the intriguing name ‘Gussy Dup’ come from?

The idea came from a real gap in the market for colourful, high quality but inexpensive artwork.

The name comes from the expression ‘to get gussied up’ which means to get dressed up in a showy kind of way. So, it’s all about gussying up your home, your office or workspace.

‘Jungalicious’ print, by Misha Blaise. From Gussy Dup

You collaborate with artists from all over the world. What do you look for? Is there an overarching aesthetic to the Gussy Dup artwork collection?

Absolutely – it’s largely about colour, but also about fun and not taking art too seriously. Everyone deserves to be able to enjoy art, so we strive to bring something unique that isn’t available elsewhere.

‘Peace Fawn’ print by Alja Horvat. From Gussy Dup

The beauty of our range is that there’s something for everyone, so it’s always interesting to hear which are people’s favourites.

What were some of the major themes in decor and design that you saw trending at the show this year?

Rattan, which we absolutely love, and which goes so well with our range of artwork.

What’s next for Gussy Dup in 2019?

‘Be You’ print by Maggie Stephenson

A brand-new range landing in September, including some fun new additions!

We can’t wait to see what Gussy Dup do next! In the meantime, you can check out their current collections here.

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