The beautiful, calming florals in Fleuressence latest series of limited edition art prints will undoubtably be the statement piece in any room. Here are five reasons why you should use floral art in your interior.

Shift life into the slow lane

Our lives have never felt busier and as a result we are seeing a shift toward reconnecting with nature and a simpler life. Bringing nature into the home through the use of plants and organic materials has grown in popularity along with the continued use of flowers to draw that connection. Flowers help deliver a sense of wellbeing and creates a calming environment.

Let the bloom do the talking

Flowers are a visually arresting subject matter whether on your wall or in a vase and can make a room come alive. They often act as a conversation piece with guests as they spark stories. If choosing to include them as an art piece, simple framing or shadow frames work best to let the flowers be the centrepiece.

Custom pieces for personal connections

Choose a piece of floral art that has significance or a special meaning will always stand the test of time. You may find this in existing pieces but can also be created through private commissions that are designed to suit a certain space. Flowers that were chosen as part of a wedding scheme or has a connection to where a person grew up are two ways that floral art can act as a strong connection to a time or place.

They are a natural mood booster

Research has shown that flowers can boost your mood, increase happiness and decrease feelings of stress. This amazing side effect is thought to be down to our culturally learned association of flowers as a symbol of positivity. Floral artwork can have the same positive effect with greater longevity.

Floral artwork is the finishing touch

Floral art can be an organic finishing touch to a room décor. The resurgence of bold, large artwork in the home means the floral image acts as a focal point and draw the viewer closer. Oversized floral artwork is particularly good for use in spaces with high ceilings for a gallery effect or if used in a smaller room, can act as that statement piece.

Fleuressence is a 2018 supporting partner of Decor & Design and a full range of this statement artwork will be exhibited at the show.