Sibella Court has become one of Australia’s most sought-after interior designers and style influencers. With a history degree and 25 years of industry experience, Sibella carries a bag of hard-won magic tricks which she weaves into her role as an interior designer, product designer, author, globetrotter and content creator.

She has amassed a vast repertoire of editorial and advertising work. During her 10 years in New York, she styled for such powerhouses as Bergdorf Goodman, Jo Malone, Donna Karan, Anthropologie, West Elm and Saks Fifth Avenue, plus a wide array of magazines.

Upon returning to Sydney, Sibella evolved into a sought-after designer, founding her shop and studio The Society Inc. while working on commercial spaces including Palmer & Co, Mr Wong, Hotel Palisade, Ms. G’s, The Oaks, Upstairs at The Beresford, The Blue Room Bondi and many more. She now applies her creative direction to larger scale guest experiences & hotels like Bullo River Station and Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, and high-end residential projects.

Sibella also hosted the ABC TV’s popular program Restoration Australia, showcasing her passion for Australian history and celebrating the restoration of heritage houses. She has penned a library of award-winning and best-selling books including Etcetera, The Stylist’s Guide to NYC, Nomad, Bowerbird and Gypsy, with her sixth book IMAGINARIUM released last year.

Each piece in Sibella’s hardware & product range is inspired by her globetrotting adventures, a love of forgotten trades & appreciation for humble materials. The uniquely “hand tinkered” collection is available to wholesale & trade through The Society inc.

Sibella is the perfect fit for the 2019 Australian House & Garden International Seminar Series at Decor + Design, the theme of which is the ‘Global Village’ of design. In the lead up to the show in July, we asked the talented designer a few pertinent  questions to unpack her style and inspirations…

How would you define your design style/aesthetic?

My aesthetic is informed by my love of history, storytelling and working with old trades. It’s haute bohemian, layered & handcrafted, a mix of the old and the new, with a dash of piratical and a good dose of make-believe.

Sibella’s Imaginarium space shown at the 2018 NGV Rigg Design Prize;  Photographer: Sharyn Cairns

Who are your favourite interior designers or taste-makers from around the world?

There are so many, but a few that spring to mind are Kim Ficaro, Faye Toogood, Ilse Crawford, John Derian, Margaret Grad of Manka’s, Caroline Irving, Nickey Kehoe, Diane Keaton and Jonah Meyer of Sawkille Co.

If you could live in anyone’s house, whose would it be?

I could list hundreds! Georgia O’Keefe’s Abiquiu house, Kate Fontana’s houseboat, John Derian’s houses in NYC & Provincetown, the house in The Ghost & Mrs Muir, Hostem’s New Road Residence, Jal Mahal, Jaipur, Sea Roost, Montauk, Manka’s Boathouse, Inverness, Satellite Island, TAS

The Society inc Campfire Toasting Fork; Photographer: Mikkel Vang

If you had to choose one, which piece of your furniture or homewares would define you? 

A 19th century French sink – necessary, pre-loved, tactile, joyful. Or The Society inc Campfire Toasting Fork – useful, handcrafted & layered with a mix of 2 of my favourite materials, cane & steel.

What’s the most-read book on your shelf?

The Ashley Book of Knots, Victoria Finlay’s, Colour: Travel Through the Paint Box, Sensual Home by Ilse Crawford, Etcetera & IMAGINARIUM from my own book collection, The Inspired Home by Kim Ficaro

You’ll be speaking at the AH&G International Seminar Series at Decor + Design in July this year, the theme of which is ‘Global Village’. You’ve travelled the world. Which places have inspired you the most?

India, Tasmania, Upstate New York US, Inverness, California US, New Mexico US, Broken Hill, Northern Territory…

So much inspiration, so many places!

A Rajasthani tent at the Manva Desert Camp, Rajasthan, India; Photographer: Sibella Court

What else is coming up for you in 2019?

So many new hardware & lifestyle products added to The Society Inc. range and launching my travel guides. For interiors, I am working on a 40 room hotel in Margaret River, 2 residential builds and the next stages of Bullo River Station.

And renovating my new house in the Royal National Park, painting, making watercolours and concocting natural fragrances.

Sibella Court will be speaking on Saturday 20th July at the Decor + Design show in Melbourne. Places are limited, so register now! Don’t miss the chance to be inspired by this inspirational designer, who claims to be part gypsy…part pirate!